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peter Sep 17, 2023 343 views

Does hardware engineering need to be good at programming ?

I am a person who loves to learn and is very passionate about learning and repairing or manufacturing, that's why I study hardware engineering, but what I wonder is does a hardware engineer need to know programming? Because I see that I don't have much talent in programming and there are many...

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peter Jul 03, 2023 528 views

What need to do and learn to become a Hardware engineer???

I am very passionate about computer hardware engineer but I don't know where to start and what to learn or what knowledge I need to learn

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peter Jun 07, 2023 389 views

Does build pc can be a call a job ???

I'm very passionate about it, but among them, building computers is my favorite because I enjoy handling computer parts. However, I'm worried that nowadays almost anyone can build a computer by themselves and without their assistance, so I'd like to know if building computers is a profession or...