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Pyper Sep 12, 2023 730 views

How do I get better at art

I have been doing art for years but every time I try to get better it always looks like I've gotten worse and my our teacher has even failed me for a couple pieces because I'm not putting my best effort even though I am it's just because I'm declining and skill so I need tips and tricks on how...

Anya’s Avatar
Anya Jul 16, 2023 404 views

How to draw hyperrealistic ?

I need tips to draw better.

Asriel’s Avatar
Asriel May 13, 2023 290 views

Why is cartoon-ish art frowned down upon?

Why does art or an art style that's similar to a cartoon style not really accepted as art? Sure when it's digital people accept it more but when it's traditional art it isn't.

Eryana’s Avatar
Eryana Jun 27, 2023 2360 views

How many years do you have to do ti get a art agree?

Well I want to get a art agree but u just don,t know how many years I have to do

Mike’s Avatar
Mike Jun 19, 2023 641 views

What are career opportunities in the Art/Creative world for someone with a Business background?

Hello, I am someone who is passionate about the arts and creative sphere, but have chosen a business and social sciences degree path because I would like to utilize those skills in a workplace. What would the opportunities for someone with my background look like in the creative space? Project...

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Hannah Jun 24, 2023 476 views

Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?

Jake I’m 20 and I am gamer and a hard worker
Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?
Bc I don’t know if it matters but I’ll ask anyway bc why not l anyways any questions for me I’m in 12th grade I love math and I like art I like too collect