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Kevin Dec 17, 2023 814 views

Why career in Business is common??

Why is it that a career in business is commonly preferred

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Rittika Dec 08, 2023 515 views

I have completed MA in English in 2021. Then i started a course for data science in 2022. I was into sports so there has been a huge year gap. Now should i join any job for money or should I complete projects for excel and sql to showcase them? I am 27 years old now and that course has still not completed.

I need a good future as there is no one to support me. I am an orphan and i dont plan to have any future company.

Makayla’s Avatar
Makayla Dec 02, 2023 327 views

Why can't i ever decide what i want to do after high school?

I mean I've know what I want to do for a long time but recently i have jumped from career to career and now i feel like i'm lost. I just thought it was because i wasn't trying hard enough but now i feel like i'm losing interest in all of my safe options.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Jun 02, 2016 1468 views

What can you major in to become a lawyer?

I was wondering what other majors I could pursue rather than pre-law. #college #college-major #law #lawyer

Tien’s Avatar
Tien Aug 04, 2023 807 views

How do I pick a college major and stick to it?

I'm currently a senior in high school taking college courses. I'm expected to pick a major in the future, but how do I pick a college major and stick to it?