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Andreya Sep 17, 2023 532 views

Why is college so expensive ?

I don’t know what to put here

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Emily Sep 12, 2023 701 views

What's the best way to decide what I need to do with my life?

I used to know exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a doctor, but then I wrote a play and now my entire life plan has changed. What is the best way to figure out what will actually be my best bet?

Amiya’s Avatar
Amiya Sep 08, 2023 628 views

When it comes to joining the military, going to college, and having a dream job, what could be the best advice to do first What's the best thing for me to do start as soon as I graduate high school or take a break??

I am currently taking dual classes to help me with my college. I'm in many programs and applied for my SAT test. I'm taking classes to help me get my nursing more advanced when I graduate high school.

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Juliana Sep 06, 2023 562 views

Is it worth all the time and school to become a doctor?

Like is it worth it to go to medical school and become a doctor or surgeon

Stacey’s Avatar
Stacey Sep 07, 2023 662 views

how do you build skill?

how can you get better at a task what are the steps to this? How can you build better skills and get better without stressing out and procrastinating?

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Lina Sep 06, 2023 284 views

Should I get a second bachelor's degree if I didn't like my career-oriented classes in my first BS degree?

I loved my lower division classes for my Bachelor's. I majored in Interactive Design, and my less-career related classes included drawing, color theory, and visual communication. As I got into the upper division classes, I found I enjoyed them less and less. It's been several years since I...