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Elk River, Minnesota
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I want to be able to find a career that brings me happiness and makes me successful. Also find a job that meets my goals.



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Cassidy Nov 08, 2023 252 views

How long before college did you know what you were going to major in? How many times did you switch your major before you picked one?

I want to know when I should pick my major or how long before college starts to pick one. I want to know if it is okay to switch my major and pick the right one for me, if I didn't the first time.

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Cassidy Oct 13, 2023 431 views

What high classes will help become a physical therapist or trainer? Is there any extra classes I should be taking?

I want to know what classes to take to prepare myself.

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Cassidy Oct 07, 2023 540 views

What is the best way to get a job as a college athletic trainer or physical therapist?

I want to be in the sports medicine field but don't know what career.

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Cassidy Oct 06, 2023 269 views

How do I decide what classes to take to help me in the field of sports medicine? Will taking classes about physical therapy or athletic training help me?

I would like to know what classes will help me become a physical therapist.

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Cassidy Oct 04, 2023 575 views

What was the first job you had in the sports medicine field? Did it benefit your career and where you are now?

I am looking into a career in sports medicine but don't know where to start.