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Skylah Jan 11 664 views

What will be some good career classes to take in college?

What's some good classes?

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Ali Dec 03, 2023 395 views

What's the best way to make money as a 13 year old?

How could you increase your income as a 13-year-old? I've done lots of digging online, but it seems that most of the websites only allow people 18 or older to use it. The websites I can use would barely give me any profit. Should I take a different approach, like doing chores, and yard-working...

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Robert Jan 09 1322 views

what are your hours like

what are your hours like

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Lila Jan 11 538 views

How do I know what job is the right job?

How do I know what job will be best for me? what factors into it? I want t to make good money but I also want to have a job I know I will like and actually want to go to everyday, not one I say "ugh I have to go to work".

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Meena Jan 11 1763 views

How to choose the right career?

Hi, I'm 15years old grade 9th student. I want to be a doctor but my parents want me to be an engineer. How can I choose the right career for myself?