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McMinnville, Tennessee

Within 40 mile radius
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max Apr 11 476 views

how can I do free online art classes?

I have been doing art for a few years, I'm 13 and try to do art but I don't have any money to join a class or time too, I'd like a class I can take at any time

irie’s Avatar
irie Dec 11, 2023 674 views

How long does it take to get a good paying job?

name examples of jobs

Jayson’s Avatar
Jayson Oct 02, 2023 239 views

How hard is it living by yourself after college?

Hi, my name is Jayson. And although I am currently in school in 9th. I was just wondering how difficult it is living on your own after you finish school whether you choose to stop after high school or continue onto a 2-4 year college.

Jayson’s Avatar
Jayson Oct 02, 2023 193 views

How hard is it living on your own after college?

Hi my name is Jayson and although I have not yet finished school and am currently in high school. I just want to know how difficult life is outside of school once you grow up and get your own place.

Zara’s Avatar
Zara Oct 01, 2023 148 views

How much does it generally cost for colleges in the US?

I know I'm a couple years away before college but I'm just curious and want an adults intake on this. And whether a 4 year or two college is better. And as an adult deciding to finish school.

Zara’s Avatar
Zara Sep 16, 2023 355 views

Is it harder living by yourself or with a roomate?

Although i'm only in high school I've already been thinking about my live situation when i graduate college. Will have I a bf by then. Or will i still be lonely

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Aug 16, 2023 231 views

What is necessary to bring to the college dorm if I want to live in the dormitories?

Senior, Warren County High School

Blanca’s Avatar
Blanca Aug 16, 2023 248 views

How do I know that the college I apply to will help me in the future?

Senior, Warren County High School

Lexi’s Avatar
Lexi Oct 24, 2020 949 views

I want to be a Midwife. I’m interested in working in birthing centers. I don’t want to become a Nurse though. I was thinking about going into a Physician’s Assistant’s program. Can anyone give me advice as to whether I could be a PA, with a CPM degree and work in a birthing center?

I’m currently loving my Microbiology class. I have a big passion for women of the birthing community. I want to deliver babies! I love the natural side of birthing and would want to encourage my patients to have water births. #career-paths #medicine #midwife

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anabel May 07, 2020 468 views

I know I want to work in the pediatric field, but I don't know exactly I want to be. I do know I don't want to do any surgery.


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anabel Mar 03, 2020 792 views

What is the best way to study for the ACT?

I am a sophomore in high school and I am fixing to take the ACT. I have to make at least a 21 in order to do duel enrollment. #studying-tips #act #college

Anabel’s Avatar
Anabel Feb 28, 2020 641 views

If I do duel enrollment what classes should I take to help in college?

I am sophomore. I want to become a pediatric oncology nurse. #college #nurse

Cali’s Avatar
Cali Apr 30, 2019 861 views

What are some things that are the same about Elementary and Middle School?

#education #career #school #teacher #teaching

Allen’s Avatar
Allen Mar 13, 2019 559 views

What are your main responsibilities as a mechanic? What do you like most about your work as a master mechanic? What kinds of problems do you deal with? What kinds of decisions do you make? What do you like least about your work?

I am in job training at a Job Corps Center. I want to become a master mechanic someday; this is my first step.

#mechanic #trade

tradell’s Avatar
tradell Mar 13, 2019 384 views

do you have to have tools whit you


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