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Jim Slevin

Senior Director, Global Sales and Customer Analytics at Equinix
Market Research; Competitive Intelligence; Customer Satisfaction; Reporting; Analytics
California, CA
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Christopher D. Nov 24, 2014 972 views

What businesses employ market analysts?

I am a junior at Boston Collegiate Charter School and am interested in market analysts....


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Brodrick P. Mar 15, 2016 795 views

Can you give me some tips and/or resources that will help me start to develop good analytical skills now, in high school?

I want to prepare for a career in finance but I'm not sure how to start doing that now, while still in high school, to get ahead of the game. What did you do to become proficient in analytics? Are there books you recommend I read? Website I could use? Thanks you in advance! #finance...

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Anina H. Apr 27, 2016 735 views

I'm a computer programmer in high school without any job experience. What can I do to be able to get an internship at a tech company?

Hi! My name is Anina and I'm a high school senior interning at CareerVillage. I have a younger sibling considering a career in computer programming, and wanted to ask what an aspiring programmer should do to get an internship in high school, even though many job listings only want students...

#computer #software-engineering #computer-science #computer-programming #internship

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Katherine C. Oct 11, 2016 558 views

What experience can students gain while still in high school?

I am a high school student and am struggling to find any opportunities for experience and development. Any suggestions? #jobs #school #experience...