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Olivia May 21 254 views

What should I major and minor in if I want to be a lawyer?

I'm in high school, and I'm starting to think of what I want to do. I'm interested in estate law, defense, and entertainment law. I want to know what I should study in college before I go to law school to help support my education.

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Olivia May 24 556 views

What law school is really worth it?

I have heard from many lawyers that sometimes it does matter where you go to law school. What law schools are the best and provide the best learning environment and/ or learning experience?

Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 29 543 views

Is a Philosophy degree worth it for low income student ?

Im in a senior in highschool whos interested in philosophy history and law but i dont want to have a meaningless degree and be in ridiculous amount of debt, Is it worth it or should i just do trade

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Gary Apr 10 360 views

What does law involve?

How can pursue law?

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Alora Apr 10 322 views

What are some good law internships for first year college students?

I have been looking for law internships, but they require letters of recommendation and I don't believe I have professors that will do that for me as this is my first year at my CUNY school.

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Nicole Mar 04 486 views

What is the most important quality for criminal law?

I want to know if I'd be a good fit, so I want to know the most important quality/qualities for criminal law lawyers.

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Maureen Mar 22 347 views

What is the life of a lawyer like?

Specific details and qualifications for each. Pay, hours, mindset, traits, family life, degrees.

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Katrina Mar 04 266 views

How am I supposed to juggle 2 different college majors and work ?

Trying to figure out my best choice for how to juggle all of the things i have to do when im in school but also having to pay bills and so on