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Pamela Heiligenthal

Experience Design Director
Architecture and Engineering Occupations - Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Food Preparation and Serving Related Occupations
Boston, Massachusetts
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Madison’s Avatar
Madison Apr 01 285 views

Can I get a job in high-school that is Aviation related?

I live in a rural area and would like to pursue aviation. I want to get into it this year and would like help finding out how. I take an aviation class at my school. Im also interested in Music and Dance.

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Feb 16 300 views

How many hours a week did you start out being a beginner pilot?

I am a sophomore and wondering how being a pilot would affect my schedule

emily’s Avatar
emily Mar 19 1099 views

How can i start on being a runway model and what do i need?

I have always loved,beauty, confidence, and decorating and fashion but i dont know if this carrer will last long and i have a lot of other ideas but i also what to know your opinion on a good career with fashion, design and organize and decorating and baking

Melissa’s Avatar
Melissa Mar 26 727 views

How I can get hired as a UX/UI Designer in Los Angeles, CA ?

I have four years of related experience and bachelors degree but from Colombia. I have been applying to job offer but I continued to get rejected

Sona’s Avatar
Sona Mar 26 637 views

How have you found your first UX/UI projects?

I am a UX/UI designer at the start of my career and would love to hear some advice.

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Mar 27 782 views

What are some art/ creative related majors?

I am interested in art related things, but I don't know what major I can choose that will give me a realistic job out of college.