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Ryan Rosario

Cyber Security Analyst
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Lusby, Maryland
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chinaka Apr 18 272 views

What is cyber security all about ?

Explain cyber security to me

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Emmanuel Apr 17 826 views

What degree should I study in school that will make me someone like Jeff Bezos?

What is the best course to study in the university?

How can I be better than my peer and be competent?

Why do I have to go to school to learn about computer science?

Phillip’s Avatar
Phillip Apr 11 575 views

How to make yourself marketable in career field you have no experience in

What would you recommend for someone who is attempting to make a complete career change into the IT/cyber space with no previous knowledge of it. I'm currently pursuing my BAS in cybersecurity but would like to take advantage of other opportunities to gain experience. I have two years left on...

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John Mar 29 447 views

How do you become a computer scientist ?

How do you become a good computer scientist and a teacher and a good person and then a teacher in a classroom that you are not able and then a good person that is