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Jay Lin

Current IRB Professional, Former High School English Teacher
Legal Occupations - Educational Instruction and Library Occupations
New York, New York
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Brittany Oct 21, 2016 875 views

Would it be more beneficial to live on campus if you live about an hour way from the destined college?

I am currently a high school student that is planning to go to a college however it is a bit far #college #experiences #on-campus #dorms #resident

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Katelyn Jan 26, 2017 2467 views

Do resumes need to be one page?

Hi, I'm attempting to become an "officer" in a club at my college and they want to see a resume. My boyfriend is a part of this club and he told me that my resume needs to be one page, that jobs only want to see one page anyways. Is this true? The job application my father helped me make it...

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 30, 2017 16350 views

Can you attend a college for a 'minor' without having a major?

What if you already have a major at another college, can you attend a separate college to get a minor? #college #college-major #minor

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 30, 2017 838 views

Do potential jobs consider your GPA?

I know for internships there is usually a GPA cut-off. I am wondering if for real jobs, after you've had some experience, do they weigh your GPA as heavily when considering you for a position? #college #internships #job #gpa

Jackie’s Avatar
Jackie Jan 30, 2017 1112 views

At what time do I make the change from a resume to a C.V.?

I really don't have any publications (just some publication-hopeful projects), but most people are telling me that I should consider changing my resume to a C.V. What is the difference? From what I've read, it has a lot of room for publications, but that would be empty space for me. #college...