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Kathleen Madden

Staff RN at Hunterdon Medical Center
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Flemington, New Jersey
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angelina’s Avatar
angelina Sep 25, 2019 399 views

Why do you enjoy being a nurse?

#nursing #isitfun #nurse #registered-nurses

Jannel’s Avatar
Jannel Feb 20, 2019 988 views

What does your typical day looks like as registered nurse?

#nursing #registered-nurses #nurse #healthcare

Jannel’s Avatar
Jannel Feb 20, 2019 497 views

Do you believe that you choose the right career path as a registered nurse and what challanges do you face in this career?

#nursing #nurse #career

calin’s Avatar
calin Feb 06, 2019 662 views

What was it like getting through everything to become a registered nurse?

#registered-nurses #nursing #nurses #medicine #nurse # #healthcare

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Aug 17, 2018 1253 views

What are some test-taking strategies/tips on passing the NCLEX-RN exam to become a registered nurse?

Rather than spending your time dreading what’s to come, remember this is a hurdle every nurse has had to jump before earning his or her scrubs. So who better to learn from than those who have gone before you?

#nurse #nursing #nursingmajor #college #testtaking #studying

Delaney’s Avatar
Delaney Aug 21, 2018 845 views

How does nursing affect you if you want to have a family later on in life?

Does nursing have a flexible schedule? Would I be able to manage both this career while also having a family? #nursing

Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Aug 14, 2018 879 views

If I end up not being satisfied with my area of nursing, how easy can I change it? (ex: Pediatrics to ER nurse)

#nursing #college #career #career-advice #career-choice

Alejandra’s Avatar
Alejandra Apr 06, 2018 553 views

After earning my BSN and becoming a Register Nurse, what are the minimum requirements to become a travel nurse?

#nursing #mycareer

leah’s Avatar
leah Jan 10, 2018 528 views

How did you decide on your specialty in nursing?

Hello, I'm a junior in high school in the bay area. Who wants to learn about how you figured out your specialty in nursing.

Tammy’s Avatar
Tammy Oct 27, 2016 728 views

Would majoring in nursing science at a UC be more efficient than taking a nursing program at a cal-state or community college?

I'm interested in a healthcare profession in general, one where I know I can help others. I was wondering if I decide to take the nursing route, which college would be more ideal. #nursing

Stephanie’s Avatar
Stephanie Feb 09, 2017 951 views

What is the most stressful aspect of being a nurse (Registered nurse, nurse practitioner)

Are nurses always on their feet? Do they have to work many night shifts? #nurse #nurse-practitioner #registered-nurse

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth May 24, 2016 804 views

What are some abilities needed for a registered nurse that can help you with your average work day?

Hello, my name is Ruth. I would like to know this, for I want to go into the medical field. In addition, I have been pointed more towards nursing, and I would like to know how their abilities allow them to help the peopl that surround them on a daily basis. #college #doctor #career #medicine...

Kristen’s Avatar
Kristen May 13, 2016 689 views

How do you choose what to specialize in with an ADN?

I got accepted into the nursing program and all of my friends who were accepted know what they want to do with their degree (surgery, trauma, maternity, neonatal, stroke, cardio, etc.) and I have no idea. How does one decide this kinda thing? #nursing

Kara’s Avatar
Kara May 27, 2016 1001 views

is it possible to get hired by a hospital?

I'm interested in working in a hospital; what jobs are available to me? #doctor #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #obstetrics

Mayra’s Avatar
Mayra Jul 01, 2016 642 views

i want to know how to be a nurse

My name is Mayra im a junior in high school the reason why i asked this question is because im looking forward to be a nurse #medicine #nursing