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D. O. Nov 18, 2016 1141 views

Does anybody have any tips or advice for phone interviews with investment firms?

I'm a college student majoring in English/Economics, and I have a phone interview with an REIT/Asset Management firm. I was wondering if anybody had any advice for how business/finance interviews are usually conducted. How much of a technical background should I be expected to have, and...

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Stephanie P. Feb 10, 2017 670 views

Can you have any degree to be a bank teller?

This is just an alternative for me...


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Ena W. Mar 15, 2017 714 views

If I want to be entrepreneur, what can I do in university?

Besides study, what extra activities are recommended?...


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Gaby P. Mar 22, 2017 634 views
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W. C. Y. Mar 24, 2017 1005 views

Does GPA really matter when applying for a job?

I want to know about after graduation, does GPA (Grade Point Average) really that important when finding for jobs? thanks!!...


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Laiz A. Apr 15, 2017 1180 views

Should I wait a few years before starting an MBA program?

I will be graduating this semester and am thinking about graduate school. The school I currently attend has a bridge program that would allow me to complete my MBA in two semesters (option expires after 5 years). While all this is great, I have been told that getting out into the workforce to...

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Devetra C. May 04, 2017 1089 views