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Aisha C. Sep 09, 2012 3208 views

Whats the best schools to go to if you want to become a doctor ?

I'm a sophomore in high school and i really want to be a doctor. Also i want to go to a good school for it. #college #doctor...


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Julea P. Feb 10, 2014 14710 views

What do I need to qualify for a customer service job?

I think there are some jobs in my area where I can work in customer service. What do I need to qualify for a customer service job? Do I need to have a certain college major, or can I go straight from high school. Do I need previous experience? Every job seems to require previous experience, so...

#customer-service #support

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Raven C. Mar 31, 2014 1300 views

What is the process of becoming a successful photographer?

I'm really interested in photography but don't know if I want to pursue it as a career. #career-path #artist #photography...


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Gerardo B. May 06, 2014 1230 views
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Jacqui D. May 06, 2014 1611 views

Tips on choosing a career in the medical field?

I am a sophmore in high school and I'm planning on pursing a career in the medical field. I'm thinking on becoming some sort of doctor but I'm not sure what exactly I should be. Are there any tips on choosing a specific career or, if you're in the medical field, how you eventually chose the...

#medicine #doctor #medical-field #physician #career-choice