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Melissa Dawson

Purpose & Inclusion Manager
Business and Financial Operations Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
San Jose, California
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Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jun 01, 2021 553 views

how can I become an aesthetician?

#aesthetician #face #makeup #cosmetology #cosmetics

chloe’s Avatar
chloe Jun 08, 2021 446 views

How do I get started in the production industry- specifically film?

I am a high schooler and I'm extremely interested in film and television. I know it's what I want to pursue when I'm older. I like the behind the scenes jobs and I think I would be a really good fit for a producer. #film #television #production

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Jun 12, 2021 392 views

what jobs are in the filming industry

What jobs are in the filming industry for animation and live-action movies #artist #art

Sofia’s Avatar
Sofia Jun 08, 2021 502 views

Do you have to take community classes for cosmetology and or esthetician?

#cosmetology #face #skin #esthetician

Diarra’s Avatar
Diarra Jun 18, 2021 423 views

Tips on opening up your own salon

After graduating high school I plan on going to cosmetology school to get my license to open up my own hair and nail salon #cosmetology

Julina’s Avatar
Julina Jun 18, 2021 366 views

How can I get a Cosmetology certificate for hair

I’ve love doing #hair #cosmetology
I’ve always Wanted to have my own shop one day

Jadan’s Avatar
Jadan Jun 11, 2021 545 views

How can I have a better chance at getting a job, with experience


Irma’s Avatar
Irma Aug 21, 2018 723 views

What is some of the stress that first year generations face from living with only one parent?

As a freshman student who is the oldest from 2 younger siblings, studying psychology. #consulting #students