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Shelby May 13, 2016 708 views

What are the benifits of being honors at a private college?

I have applied and am waiting for acceptance into the honors program at my college and would like to know how the academics might differ. #honor #college #college-admissions #career #higher-education

jessica’s Avatar
jessica Sep 01, 2017 377 views

How can I improve my ACT score.

I am a Senior in high school and I would like to improve my ACT score so I can get into a good college or community college.

#acethetest #college #college-admissions

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah May 26, 2016 769 views

What are some good jobs for people with Agribusiness degrees?

I am getting a degree in Agribusiness and would like to know what types of jobs are out there for me. #agriculture #agricultural-business #business

Uma’s Avatar
Uma May 18, 2016 990 views

How do I become a bank manager?

I'd like to become a bank manager. #bank #banking #finance #business #business-development

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Sydney Aug 12, 2016 591 views

What activities should I be participating in in high school to be able to apply for an undergraduate degree used to get into medical school?

I want to be a neurosurgeon and am overwhelmed with the amount of colleges I could apply to for undergrad. I am currently leading two different sections of the robotics team at my school and am thinking about taking summer classes to become an EMT to get hands on-experience in the medical...

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 28, 2016 754 views

If I want to start my own business someday, how much accounting experience do I need?

I'm asking because I am a recent high school graduate and want to know how many years I should be in college and what degree I should get if I plan to start my own business and do my own accounting. #business #accounting