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Jolyn J. Jan 16, 2018 349 views

Life insurance vs dream job

I love my career as a life insurance agent but have always wanted to do medical surgical tech. Have been out of school along time how do you choose between dream job and what keeps food on the table? #dreamjob #life insurance...


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DeMetrius K. Aug 13, 2018 323 views
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Abigail V. Aug 14, 2018 258 views
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Trang N. Aug 14, 2018 207 views

How to get scholarship when you have a bad grades?

Last year was not my best year. I am lacking in both study and focus. Now those grades and tuition dropped because I did not try my best. This is what I deserved and I am worried that I cannot get the most scholarship and grant from states because of my poor grade....


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Sameeha A. Aug 14, 2018 118 views

What subjects in high school should i take to become a pilot?

. I want to save as many years in college as possible .specific subjects i should take? .how do i pick the required subject to become a pilot in high school...


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Jahlil A. Aug 15, 2018 187 views

How fast should I pay off my student loans?

If my loans are on a fixed rate is their anyway I could pay it all at once or will I have to stay with the monthly rate?...


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Esther L. Aug 15, 2018 226 views

How would you go about asking for a pay raise based on your work experience, level of education, and skill set without risking your career?

although i have yet to be professionally hired, was wondering where I should drop the line to ask for a salary I feel is best fit in compensation for my line of work without coming off as arrogant, cocky, or prideful. When and how did you handle asking for more than your usual earning? #salary...

#wages #askingformore

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Vonseer A. Aug 15, 2018 238 views

Was it difficult to find a job after college?

I’m a Sociology Major with a minor is Psychology. I want to work either in a school with children as a counselor or as a psychologist for young adults. #psychology...