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davante S. Jun 22, 2016 511 views

how much do you make being a stockbroker

I am asking because I want to become a stockbroker #business...


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Trevor C. Jan 16, 2018 351 views

Why is public university in the United States ludicrously expensive?

Student loans, private institutions and student debt is unfair for American youth. I am curious why education isn’t a top public investment for all socio-economic backgrounds. #college #education...


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Shauna C. Oct 14, 2018 208 views
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Juliana Z. Oct 14, 2018 272 views

What do I need to do to lower by student debts?

I want to come out of college as close to debt free. I am going to an out of state university. #financial-aid #finance #student-loans...


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Zoe Z. Jan 25 84 views

What makes you the person that you are?

I’m a college senior studying biology. I’m always ready to be a leader and guide people to be the best they can. #wsu #biology...