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Luis Mar 23, 2015 1452 views

What majors would fit a law enforcement career?

Im asking this question because I've heard that you would want to major in business such as Public Administration or Public Relations. #law #police #law-enforcement

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Keffim Apr 09, 2015 1069 views

How much money do Navy SEAL's make?

I may want to defend my country but I want to know how much I'll be making, so when I retire, I'll have enough to support my family. #military

Aidan ’s Avatar
Aidan Apr 09, 2015 1591 views

What is better for joining the marines?

I am a high school sophomore and am looking forward to joining the Marines but i was wondering if members of the marines or a military personal could tell me whether it is better to join the marines straight out of high school or wait until after college? #college #military #marine

Keffim’s Avatar
Keffim Apr 09, 2015 1527 views

I want to be a Navy SEAL, what do I do to become one?

Right now I'm 16 and get average grades. But when I leave high school, I want to become a SEAL, so I can defend my country. #navy #navy-seal