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Mariam A. Dec 20, 2019 147 views

What is the Bioinformatics field like?

What are the field's pros and cons? What's a day like in the field? What majors would be appropriate? What skills are required for it? #bioinformatics#biology #medicine...


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Mariam A. Dec 18, 2019 302 views

What should I do in order to simplify my preference if I have several majors in mind that are very different?

As I explored more majors and explored all my interests and how I could pursue them, I settled on a couple which I was told is expected. The thing is my options are extremely varied and do not relate to each other at all which is now causing a problem as i'm choosing my classes for my future...

#medicine #biology #cybersecurity #journalism #english #undecided #university #computer_science #major

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Mariam A. Jan 22, 2019 337 views

What is the difference between cyber security and forensic technology? Or are they the same thing?

I really love programming and information technology and I want to develop my skills even further. I also love science and problem solving so I think that cyber security or forensic technology would both be interesting careers for me. Are there other options? And are there any courses,...

#information-technology #technology #computer-science #programming #science #cyber-security #coding #forensics