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Roy Nelson

Technical Manager
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations - Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Dallas, Texas
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justin Jul 02, 2019 592 views

What would you recommend I do at this point to get into this field?

Hello my name is Justin I'm highly interested in getting into physical therapy. #physical

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Sol Jul 31, 2019 435 views

Is it difficult to learn what each medication is for?

My name is Sol Fileto I am born in Cd Juarez but I have been living in the pass for 2 years, honestly it has been a bit difficult because of the language, I was studying at Socorro High School but because of language problem I cannot graduate now I am here in Job Corps to be someone in life....

Nut’s Avatar
Nut Aug 13, 2019 1004 views

What's physics?

fun #physics

Lorena’s Avatar
Lorena Aug 05, 2019 455 views

What are the types of work schedules for this job?

I am currently enrolled in Office Administration classes. #student

Edelyn’s Avatar
Edelyn Aug 26, 2019 775 views

How do I start a conversation when I don’t know what to say?

When I have something to say or an idea I don’t say it because the people who I’m with are still talking about theirs. And when I try to say my ideas I feel like they aren’t interested. When it all quiet and somehow awkward, how do I start a conversation when I have no idea what to say?...

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Aug 07, 2019 420 views

Do you have any tips getting started within a union ?


Kayleb’s Avatar
Kayleb Aug 06, 2019 588 views

What some benefits offered for pharmacy technicians

#pharmacist #pharmacy

Meghan’s Avatar
Meghan Jan 29, 2019 1116 views

How do I get more looks on my job applications?

I’m a senior in college currently applying for for time employment post graduation. Many of my applications have been sent to companies online and I have not been getting any call backs. I’ve had my resume checked over and have been assured that it look good. I guess I’m trying to find other...

Fernanda’s Avatar
Fernanda Dec 05, 2018 504 views

How long did it take you to adapt to your position?

Hi good morning my name is Fernanda i am currently enrolled at jobcorps and i have a few questions about Auto Technician.


Ethan’s Avatar
Ethan Dec 05, 2018 582 views

have you worked before

Hey how are you doing today my name is Ethan right now i'm enrolled to jobcorps. I have a few questions about auto tech