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Helen H. Sep 01, 2017 1337 views

What are some careers that combine STEM fields, the arts, and the humanities?

I am incredibly interested in these fields, and am also quite indecisive/unsure about what major(s) to pursue. I'd like to be alerted to any existing career paths that combine these elements. #stem #women-in-stem #art...


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Alexandra F. Jul 29, 2018 819 views

How is it being a female in a male-dominated career?

I am majoring in Computer Science and it is clear to me that there is a huge gender-gap. I am a bit worried about being over-looked because I will be a female in a male-dominated career. Any tips on how to stand-out and how to not let the gender-gap affect you? Thank you so much for your...

#expertise #stem #technology #women #career

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thomas T. Mar 27, 2019 91 views
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Clio C. May 04, 2019 277 views

Did you ever feel like you had to prove your worth and capabilities in STEM to your peers and/or colleagues? How did you go about doing so?

As a STEM student (civil engineering major), I am constantly reminded about how important it is to stand out from my peers, whether in grades, extracurricular activities/leadership, internships, etc. I feel like going into a STEM education, I've only began realizing how competitive STEM fields...

#stem #college #stem-career #women-in-stem #career