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Clio’s Avatar
Clio May 04, 2019 791 views

Did you ever feel like you had to prove your worth and capabilities in STEM to your peers and/or colleagues? How did you go about doing so?

As a STEM student (civil engineering major), I am constantly reminded about how important it is to stand out from my peers, whether in grades, extracurricular activities/leadership, internships, etc. I feel like going into a STEM education, I've only began realizing how competitive STEM fields...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua Oct 30, 2016 939 views

Does college prepare you well for a job in the field of computer science or are there areas that you won't learn about until you are out of school?

I am asking this because I would like to know how prepared I am for a career when I finish my college education. #computer #programming

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Feb 01, 2019 678 views

How do you see working with computers changing in the next 10 years?

#technology #computer #computer-software

Augusta Irechukwu’s Avatar
Augusta May 09, 2019 830 views

How does STEM tie into any of the hobbies/volunteering you participate in outside of work?

#computer-science #stem #technology #tech #programming #software #software-engineering #women-in-stem #software-engineer #information-technology-and-services #engineering