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Jordan Wiener

Digital Transformation, Computer Software, Food Science, Animal Science, Meat Science, and Food Quality Assurance Professional
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
Atlanta, Georgia
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Brooke’s Avatar
Brooke Apr 05, 2021 494 views

What is a type of job you can do as an animal scientist?

#animalscience #animalnutrition

kelsey’s Avatar
kelsey May 11, 2016 1242 views

Is there a high demand for people with a degree in food science?

I am thinking about majoring in food science and was wondering if there is a high chance that i can get a job with this degree. #science #college-major #food

Jeremy’s Avatar
Jeremy May 16, 2016 932 views

What does it take land a job in a good Food Processing Company in USA?

Hi, I am Jeremy and I really aspire to become a Food Businessman in my home country. Do you think getting to a good acclaimed food science university is enough to land me a job in a good food company or does it require building connections with the managers and others or take an internship job...

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 20, 2018 744 views

What places can I work after receiving a degree in food science?

I want to pursue a career in food science, but I'm unsure of where I can get internships or jobs related to my field. Would love to know so I can plan my future better!
#food #food-science #science

kelsey’s Avatar
kelsey May 11, 2016 1235 views

Is a lot of travel typically required for food science majors?

I want to know how much of my time will have to be devoted to my job to make a good living off of it. #science #food #biology #agriculture

Zoe’s Avatar
Zoe May 09, 2018 1060 views

What general ed. college classes should i take in high school to prepare for a food science degree?

I want to go to college for food science. #culinary #food #food-science

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jan 20, 2018 1944 views

How beneficial are study abroad programs when pursuing a degree in food science?

I'm interested in studying abroad in college, but I would like to know how beneficial these programs are to food science. Is studying abroad more than once helpful too?

#food #food-science #science #study-abroad