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Jeffrey A. Mar 20, 2018 345 views

How can I change my school system for the better?

As I was Sitting in my biotech class listening to my teacher talking about central dogma, She said something interesting; she said "you should remember this from biology freshman year. Everyone in the class said the same thing,"no I don't remember this." I wondered, why don't any of us remember...

#entrepreneur #school #classes #education #learning

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Jesse G. Nov 19, 2019 70 views

What are the characteristics that one must have to succeed in said career?

I am currently under the job corps program, with the vocation being welding . I wish to know how to thrive in this industry....


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David R. Nov 19, 2019 104 views

You have obstacles in your path to your career ?

Hello, I don't know if you see this day or night but I just wanted to ask you something, it's a small question that can help me for my path to my career, I hope and the answer, luck #career #career...


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Madison P. Nov 22, 2019 108 views

How do I begin networking to become a writer/editor for novels?

I am a young writer trying to figure out how to kick it off as a career. #writing #communication #author...


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Ila P. Dec 09, 2019 162 views

If I have an unweighted GPA less than a 4.0, will it look bad to any Ivy League schools that I apply to?

Hey! I'm Ila (pronounced ee-la). This question has been something that I've been trying to find an answer to for a while. I currently have a 4.0, but my classes are pretty hard, and I can only hope to keep my 4.0 at the end of the semester. Any advice helps- thanks! #school #college...

#gpa #college-advice #college-admissions

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stan S. Dec 21, 2019 143 views

I have no idea what I want to do

i work at walmart and i need more money but walmart is already paying me 11$ an hour...