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Princeton, New Jersey
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kevin Nov 08, 2021 183 views

What are all the career choices I can have as an entrepreneur?

I am a highschool student living in San Francisco trying to learn more about entrepreneurship. #entrepreneur

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Tyler Feb 03, 2021 1177 views

How do i become successful entrepreneur.

I want to know how i can make my own shoe business, were do i start? #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #start-ups #start-ups

Gvonta’s Avatar
Gvonta Nov 13, 2020 483 views

Do you go to trade school or college to become a entrepreneur?

I want to become a entrepreneur when I grow up, so I want to know what I have to do to go about that. I want to learn the best strategies to becoming a entrepreneur. #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #buisness #mechanical

Kellie’s Avatar
Kellie Dec 15, 2014 1215 views

What types of classes will I be taking if I want want to major in accounting?

I am a high school student and have taken accounting classes at my school and I am thinking about continuing my education after high school to major in accounting. #finance #marketing #economics #bookkeeping

jeremy’s Avatar
jeremy Mar 09, 2020 560 views

how did u get to were u at

#math #art #math #chemistry #communication

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Silvia Mar 16, 2020 320 views

what's the importance of career ?