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Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. 2 days ago 31 views

Why is there so much disconnect between public educators and education administrators?

#teaching seems like such a great career, and so does being an ed administrator, but with the modern-day "common core", "no child left behind" mentality, it ends up putting so much stress and pressure on teachers that does not translate into better student performance. What's worse is that...

#education-administration #standardized-testing #leadership #aministration #administrators #educators #policy #ed-admin #teacher #education #politics

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Oct 12, 2016 1260 views

For female professionals: Have you even encountered any obstacles obtaining leadership positions because of your gender, and if so, how did you handle those challenges?

I've always had slight concerns about being a woman pursuing a historically male-dominated field (in my case, psychology research/professorship), and I was curious what have been the experiences of women in leadership positions. Was it difficult getting where you are because of your gender? Are...

#sexism #women #women-in-stem #leadership #women-in-higher-ed #women-in-tech #women-in-engineering #women-in-leadership

matt M.’s Avatar
matt M. Jul 28 127 views

How do I design, develop a web application using java/python ?

How can I develop an web application from scratch , please provide any reference books with a sample application from start to finish....


Anna Y.’s Avatar
Anna Y. Aug 16, 2018 323 views

What is the best way to break into a career?

More often than not I've found that most people land successful careers because of their social networking within a company. What tips can I use to introduce myself to a potential employer? Or, in other words, how can I gain contacts within the business industry? #business...


Amanda L.’s Avatar
Amanda L. Aug 22 106 views

Law Internships For High School Students

I'm a high school student interested in going into the law field, and I was wondering about how I could find law internships. I live in New Jersey, and even though I've looked, it's been very hard to find any places near me offering internships for teens/high school students. What places or...

#law #lawyer #law-internship #internship #law-practice

Joi I.’s Avatar
Joi I. Jan 21, 2018 359 views

Know what your dream job is?

As a mechanical engineer, I know that I have many options for my career choice. But I am also worried that I won't be able to find a job that I enjoy. What are the best ways or what are the right questions to ask to find out if I like a job or not? #enginnering #happiness...


Cassia T.’s Avatar
Cassia T. Aug 16, 2018 333 views

What steps do I need to take to get an international internship?

I am a junior Computer Engineering major. I am currently learning German as a second language and one of my goals is to have a software development internship in Germany. I have been applying for internships and looking for international ones, but I would like to hear if there are any specific...

#internships #second-language #software-development #german #computer-engineering

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Aug 13, 2017 633 views

How do you ask an institution or professional for shadowing opportunities?

I am currently a college psychology student. There is a particular clinical institution that I would be interested in doing some shadowing at. My problem is that I'm not sure how to ask if shadowing opportunities are available when I have no prior relationship with the institution. My target...

#clinical-psychology #communication-skills #career-exploration #professional-development #networking #therapy #career-planning #job-shadowing #psychology

Kukiele K.’s Avatar
Kukiele K. Nov 28, 2016 683 views

How do you stay focused and driven in school without slacking off?

I want to be the best student I can be now and in college #college #student...


Alice B.’s Avatar
Alice B. May 22, 2016 527 views

How do you get internships as a high schooler?

I'm a junior in high school looking for internships to apply to, but they all seem to be for college students....


Lauren L.’s Avatar
Lauren L. Oct 25, 2018 1010 views

When making a list, how many majors do you want to keep in mind?

I have many aspirations, each completely different from another. It's hard for me to make a decision because they all have or don't have something that another major does. I would think that narrowing it down would be best when picking a college but....I don't know. I guess you should be...

#college #major #college-advice #undecided #college-major

Alexandra C.’s Avatar
Alexandra C. Jun 20, 2018 566 views

How much do internships pay?

I'm a CareerVillage staff member and I'm posting this because we know that many young people are looking for the answer to this question. This is among the most popular questions searched by youth, and we're hoping you will take a moment to share your response to it. Thank you! #college...

#internships #pay #work #experience #internship

Daniel D.’s Avatar
Daniel D. May 25, 2016 505 views

Should I take college courses as a sophomore in school or wait for my senior year?

I have this ambitions of taking AP classes in my sophomore year for college. I do want to get an early college courses done in high school which will give me a broader knowledge for college. #educator #experience...


Hamid W.’s Avatar
Hamid W. Oct 18, 2016 922 views

What is a good SAT score and GPA in order to get into a top college/university?

I am a junior in high school. I am looking to apply to colleges next summer and just wanted to get a heads up to see what I was aiming for. #college #university #high-school #gpa...


Delaney R.’s Avatar
Delaney R. Apr 26, 2018 473 views

I plan on double majoring in Theatre Arts & International Relations...Is it going to be too much work?

I want to go to law school after college and I need to work hard to get there. Will these majors look impressive to law schools? #college-majors...


Kristen A.’s Avatar
Kristen A. Jul 10, 2018 337 views

What types of extracurricular activities are colleges most interested in?

Are they more interested in group activities like marching band or a sports team? Or are they more interested in academic organizations like student government, FBLA, or SMAC (Student Movement Against Cancer)? Is work experience, like teaching piano lessons, equally as important or more...

#extracurriculars #college #clubs #workexperience #student

Jackie G.’s Avatar
Jackie G. Jan 12, 2017 652 views

Did you choose your career path for money or because it was your passion?

As much as we all want to follow our dreams, I often wonder if I am making the right decision pursuing a career that doesn't have high salaries. #college #career #career-choice #salary #financial-planning...


Karen P.’s Avatar
Karen P. Sep 02, 2017 679 views

How does applying to colleges with an undecided major versus a decided major differ in the ways they will affect your future?

As a senior in high school, I am in the midst of preparing for the next stop on the long and winding journey we call life. Every turn I take and every decision I make leads me down a different path and I'll admit it, it intimidates me. Even after a ton of research and experimenting, it is hard...

#college #college-selection #undecided #college-admissions #life #decided #college-major

Melvin S.’s Avatar
Melvin S. Jul 11, 2019 307 views

Do engineers in the military do actual engineering work (design, construction, testing, etc.)?

I've been looking into different branches of the military, specifically in the Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard, for engineering careers (I've been leaning more towards the Coast Guard).What kind of engineering work is done in these branches? Is a degree required for these positions? Thank you...

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #engineer #electrical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #airforce #coastguard #navy #military

Kateryna V.’s Avatar
Kateryna V. Oct 27, 2018 334 views

What is the academic and social environment at the University of Toronto and its different campuses?

For an American high school student who has never been to Canada, what is the U of T student environment like? To current students, alumni, or professionals at U of T, what is the curriculum and general teaching style and what kind of undergraduate research opportunities exist for hopeful...

#universityoftoronto #studentlife #biology #canadianuni #foreignstudents

Gloria S.’s Avatar
Gloria S. Sep 24, 2016 749 views

What are the most important abilities and skills required for mechanical engineering?

I would like to know what sort of abilities and skills to work on before pursuing mechanical engineering. I want to prepare myself and know what I am doing before anything happens. I like to plan a lot of things out in that sense. I want to know the big picture that is mechanical engineering....

#help #advice #abilties #skills #mechanical-engineering

Karen P.’s Avatar
Karen P. Sep 04, 2017 598 views

Would it be better to obtain an undergraduate and graduate degree separately or together in a single program?

I am a high school student going into my senior year and can't decide which program route I should go into. Over the summer, I have discovered my passion for the occupational therapy field and the good that comes out of it. Knowing very well that I want to major in that study, I started looking...

#college #occupational-therapy #masters-degree #undergraduate #graduate-school #masters #bachelor #college-degree #university #college-major

james R.’s Avatar
james R. Mar 29 113 views

where can i find a paraprofessional position

i want to help out with special needs children #children...


Karen P.’s Avatar
Karen P. Aug 07, 2016 779 views

What are the essential skills you need to possess when on the search for a job/career. How would I develop and practice these skills as a high school student?

Many have started their job/career lives during high school, whether it be a summer job or necessary part-time work during the school year. Many high school students have also gone out to look for a job, but have come back without a single "You're hired!". I would like to know if there are...

#student-development #high-school #communication-skills #student-counseling #interviewing-skills #hiring

Umair M.’s Avatar
Umair M. Feb 01, 2020 909 views

For Business Development/Partnerships/Strategy professionals in Tech or Business: what type of skills, methodologies, and frameworks have you developed over time in order to do well in your job and have a positive impact towards your organization?

I’m currently a senior @ Rutgers University studying IT & Entrepreneurship. Highly interested in starting a career in the business side of Tech and would like to one day lead the transaction of billion dollar deals and market partnerships. #business #entrepreneur #strategy #business...

#alliances #management #technology #partnerships #sales #marketing #product

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