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Karena Apr 02, 2018 846 views

What are some interview tips?

I am applying to optometry school this year, so hopefully I get some interviews! #eyes #optometry #interviews #professional-development

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Jade Mar 19, 2018 683 views

Should I go in undecided, look into majors, or stick with biology?

My current major is biology but I'm not 100% if I will be interested in this field. There are some things I like and dislike about it but I understand with every major, there might be a couple classes/subjects that will not excite you. I have also heard it is one of the more challenging...

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Jade Mar 19, 2018 732 views

How do you start a business?

I aspire to be an optometrist and hopefully start my own optometry practice cold. How would I go about doing this? #optometry #eye-care #entrepreneurship #ceo #start-ups

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Axel Aug 25, 2018 610 views

Where can I find scholarships that involve Optometry?

#scholarships #optometry

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Ana Sep 18, 2018 1050 views

Can I major in Business Management and go to Dental School or Optometry School?

I'm a freshman who just started college and I'm quite confused. At first I was a business major and then switched over to biological sciences because I've always wanted a career in the health field and thought that might be the best major. Now, I don't really think so. I either want to be a...

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Axel Aug 25, 2018 741 views

What are some tips on becoming a optometrist?

#optometrist #optometry #eyes