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famina May 02, 2016 1254 views

I'm interested in Hindi but i want to become a scientist?

after complete my school #scientist #science #hindi

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Sneha May 10, 2020 1121 views

Hi. I would like to know what are the technologies/languages I should learn to become a full stack developer?

I am a software engineering student with knowledge in languages such as java, python and C#. I have worked with Sql server and mongodB. #technology #programming #software #computer-software #fullstack

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Yasmine May 07, 2020 946 views

How to create a good linkedin profile?

I am a 3rd year science student and am looking to find an internship as a research assistant #internship #research #career-path #career

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline May 08, 2020 2915 views

Is software engineering a fulfilling job?

I'm a sophomore studying computer science at a large 4-year university. I've been doubting my major choice a lot, and whether I will be fulfilled later in life working as a software engineer or at a tech company. I work as a math tutor right now, and I really enjoy helping and interacting with...

mercy’s Avatar
mercy May 06, 2020 709 views

I want to become an electrical engineer, I have been good with math m entire life but I struggle a little with pre-calculus, does this mean I should pick a different major in college?

I am an African female. I am 17 years old. I am in 12th grade. I am a christian. I want to become an electrical engineer. #electrical-engineering #college #math

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Arshdeep May 06, 2020 675 views

What type of online work is this?

I am a computer engineer currently pursuing advanced diploma in Computer Systems networking technology at Centennial College. I am finding it really hard to get a job related to my field. For even the smallest positions they ask for years of experience which I do not have and I do not know what...