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Liam H. Aug 28, 2018 242 views

How long did it take you to find a job out of college? Mechanical Engineer.

Attempting to feel out various professions and one of them is a mechanical engineer. Approx. how long did it take for you to be gainfully employed. Or atleast had an internship. #internship #entry-level...


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Chloe B. Feb 03 184 views

How do I know which Military Branch is right for me?

For as long as I could remember I had always dreamed of being in the Military. With my last year of HS weighing in, it's to the point where I need to step up and choose what I wanna do with my life. The only thing i'm having trouble with is deciding what branch is right for me....


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Ze Y. Mar 04 208 views

What's the best career decision you've ever made?

Looking to get into the health care field after my BS. #healthcare #medicine #nursing #doctor...


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Tyra G. Apr 04 121 views

How cak highschool students gain hands on knowledge in the STEM field?

I am currently a junior and I plan on becoming an engineer. I am very interested in becoming a biomedical engineer but, I also want to learn about other fields. I'm sesrching for ways to do so my senior year so I have some background knowledge before college. #engineer...


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Taner A. Apr 08 105 views

How to choose a sub field of Electrical Engineering?

I am going into my third year of EE, and my only two major ee classes so far have been circuits and logic design and my curriculum is very broad. How do I approach choosing a subfield in ee sooner rather than later? I want to be able to choose a field and understand well enough to get an...

#college-major #engineering #college

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Curt L. Apr 20 177 views

Reading and learning the material from a book is easy but what is the best way to get practical IT experience, particularly in the realm of network administration and cyber security?

I'm currently enrolled in a cyber security degree program and would like to eventually make the jump from the military to IT. As I am currently not in an IT career field, I find it hard to imagine being able to get the practical experience in order to transition comfortably. #it...

#information-technology #cybersecurity

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Nancy O. Apr 20 269 views

I changed my major

I was majoring in mechanical engineer then I realized that it wasn't met for me so now I'm doing information technology . Any advice? Entry-level job? #information-technology #entry-level...