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Bath, England, United Kingdom

Within 40 mile radius
Kate’s Avatar
Kate Feb 07 382 views

What degree is best suited to major in with the hopes of become a commercial pilot?

I'm thinking of joining the Air Force academy but if I don't get accepted I need a backup plan in the form of college majors.

Asriel’s Avatar
Asriel May 13, 2023 328 views

Why is cartoon-ish art frowned down upon?

Why does art or an art style that's similar to a cartoon style not really accepted as art? Sure when it's digital people accept it more but when it's traditional art it isn't.

Yolan’s Avatar
Yolan Mar 13, 2021 652 views

How do I get experience in scientific writing?

I’m currently in second year of my undergraduate degree in Theoretical Physics and want to purser a career in science journalism. But most organizations require me to either be doing journalism as a degree or to have had practice in publishing. So how can I get this experience other than with...

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jan 27, 2021 709 views

what career path would suit me

i reallly like to teach people things but i also like to help animals and people but i can't choose a career path. #career-paths #career-path #career-paths

Jinshuang’s Avatar
Jinshuang Jul 29, 2020 710 views

Is there any possible way to be a in-house translator in England?

I'm an international students and studying in the University of Bristol. I'm currently learning Education in a Master degree, and I will keep study my second master degree in Chinese-English Translation. I would like to develop my career in England as a translator. #masters #communications

Serena’s Avatar
Serena Jan 03, 2018 2097 views

How can I find psychology intern opportunities in Hong Kong?

#psychology #internships #china

Keila’s Avatar
Keila Oct 30, 2016 826 views

When was the first time that you realized you'd like to study sociology and what work field did you eventually get into?

I'm interested in the study of sociology and physiology and would like to know the different types of jobs that nurture these two studies. It's also interesting to hear stories on why people like to study the behaviors of society. #sociology #human #physiology #behavior

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