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Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, India

Within 40 mile radius
samith’s Avatar
samith Aug 22, 2021 579 views

I am unable to concentrate and i am unable to study . but i want to be succes in my future

I had scored 70percente in my class 10th cbse board exams .I am interested in doing about computers mobiles programing..And i want to do MBBS and to be a IAS officer..#study

meghasai’s Avatar
meghasai Apr 27, 2021 529 views

what should study and what job should i do

im good at everything but not the best at also interested in everything but not totally into also good with people as well as teach.I do not have stage fear as well so i am very confused in what to take. #general

Sri’s Avatar
Sri Feb 13, 2021 1166 views

Is software developer is same as software engineer

#business #career I want to join in a software comany...
But I want to know the difference between the software engineer and software developer..

karunya’s Avatar
karunya Jan 05, 2021 949 views

How Can I learn Python?

#employee-training #kerala #python #coding

K. V.’s Avatar
K. V. Dec 16, 2020 515 views

About choosing best career path

At present I am in 3rd year of B.Tech. I know web development fundamentals, three programming languages and passionate to learn full stack development and have a goal to become full stack developer. But getting confused with some thoughts that whether it will be a good career path or not...

Kota’s Avatar
Kota Jun 08, 2020 518 views

What are the best colleges in the world that teach cyber security?

#teacher #computer-engineering #teaching #cybersecurity

Kota’s Avatar
Kota Jun 04, 2020 2787 views

What is ICND 1 and ICND 2,and how it is related to CCNA?

#cisco #cisco certification #network #entry level #networking #cybersecurity

Kota’s Avatar
Kota May 13, 2020 673 views

How to start a career in networking ?

I am a student and I want to career in networking how? #networking #cybersecurity#cloud computing #IoT #career

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