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York, England, United Kingdom

Within 40 mile radius
Juliet’s Avatar
Juliet Oct 10, 2022 514 views

Finding a niche?

How do you find a niche in art? I'm a multi-disciplinary art student at uni and use lots of mediums but am finding it hard to find a direction in starting a career. My tutors encourage finding a niche but I'm interested in so many things and mediums!

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Nov 23, 2020 974 views

Can you be a veterinary and a firefighter paramedic


katie’s Avatar
katie Apr 13, 2020 778 views

what should i do

as a little girl i have always loved singing dancing and performing but 4 years ago i took a real interest into politics and law and from then till now i was going to finish school and go to law school and study law and become a lawyer ,but recently i have been really doubting my decision...

Daljeet’s Avatar
Daljeet Oct 12, 2019 566 views

what are the negatives effects of rapid change in technology in mechanical industries?

like robots increases unemployment by replacing man power... #mechanical-engineering

Yue’s Avatar
Yue Feb 09, 2019 741 views

How difficult is it for a Chinese who studies master in the UK to find a consulting job there?

#consulting #graduatejob #career

Safia’s Avatar
Safia Jan 31, 2019 800 views

Do you have to do graphics GCSE to be an interior designer


Libby’s Avatar
Libby Jan 29, 2019 704 views

Do you have to be smart to become a pediatrition

I love kids and want to be a pediatrition but I’m not sure wheather I’m smart enough to be one ? #medicine

Jack’s Avatar
Jack Dec 23, 2017 972 views

What courses should I do?

I'm 16 and college isn't far away I want to #travel a lot and do #YouTube when I'm older but I have no idea which type of college courses would be best for them both? #influencing #study-abroad #working-abroad #college

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Apr 10, 2017 1760 views

Which careers will allow me to travel the world?

I am a college student, living in a small town and never really going out of this small town. One of my biggest aspirations is being able to wear a suit, fly first class, work with new people in brand new locations. #business #career #job-search #travel #international-experience

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