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Alex D. May 19, 2020 222 views

how do I go about platforming and laying out a website

I'm a entrepreneur and I am trying to find a good way to make and layout a website I make and sell spicy mustard ( sounds weird surprisingly big market) I've been selling for around 5 years now through email and social media but I'm really interested in getting a better way to have people order...

#marketing #entrepreneur #business

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Tylar M. May 20, 2020 306 views

I´m 12 and i´m trying to decide between being a Software Engineer or a Psychiatrist. I´d like to know the pros and cons of each.

I like helping people with their problems, but I also like designing, coding, and using critical thinking. #software-engineer #psychology #technology...


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Tylar M. May 20, 2020 156 views

Could a SW Engineer live a good life in New York?

I´m trying to decide between a SW Engineer and a doctor. I know Engineer´s get paid less and NY, is very expensive... #engineer #newyork...