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Cloe Sep 06, 2019 274 views

Is field growing enough so that there’s room for someone like me?

#psychology #clinical-psychology

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Bryanna Aug 27, 2019 352 views

What are some extra steps i can take to become a therapist ? whats needed to become one/

My name is Bryanna and im a junior in high school and i was looking at becoming a therapist in the future but i just need to know what i can do to help me get that done and what extra steps i need to take.Im a very friendly person and i love to help people out. #therapist #future #helping #therapy

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thomas Oct 25, 2019 240 views

what is the hardestthiing in the mlb to do

I want to go to the mlb and see #mlb #college what is hard and fun

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Alishondra May 12, 2018 344 views

What are the top schools to apply to in order to be a speech pathology major?

I was most likely going to apply to Arizona Sate University, but then I started considering what other schools could possibly be a better fit.
#speech-language-pathology #speech-therapist #speech-therapist

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Alex May 27, 2020 475 views

How exactly does one go about becoming a registered Clinical Psychologist? What can you do from there?

Hi, I adore psychology and I someday aim to become a clinical psychologist. However I’m not sure what to do to get there; what high school and university / college courses to take, which countries would have the best opportunities, etc. My 3 main goals are to volunteer in the UN, work in a...