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Kathy Houle

Mechanical Engineer
Architecture and Engineering Occupations
Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Cecelia Jun 02, 2020 607 views

What areas of sustainability need more attention and focus?


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Ashley May 14, 2016 962 views

What is the day to day work of a biomedical engineer?

I will be studying biomedical engineering in college and I just want some idea of what they do. #engineer #biology #biomedical-engineering #bio-engineering

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jason Jun 05, 2020 586 views

what is the differnce between master mechanics and mechanical engineer?

# master-mechanics #automotive

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Otto Jun 07, 2020 564 views

What co-ops do you have available for me?

I am a student studying biomedical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am currently looking for a co op in my field of study. I am available from June to December 2020 and I am willing to relocate any help or guidance is appreciated #biomedical-engineering