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Tatjana Gabbert

Doctor, Paediatrician
Production Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Berlin, Germany
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iyanna Nov 08, 2021 509 views

What does a Normal day look like for a doctor?

Whats the most memorable patient you have had? Why did it make a diffrence? #medicine #healthcare #health #doctor

G.’s Avatar
G. Nov 02, 2020 564 views

What challenges are there to being a neurologist?

Hi, I'm a student in Alaska, and am interested in neuroscience and potentially becoming a specializing physician. What are the most challenging parts of being a neurologist? What are the most rewarding elements? What skills are absolutely essential to for a neurologist or for other...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 08, 2020 452 views

What are the best qualities a neonatal nurse could have?

I feel like if you're a neonatal nurse, you're strong and hardworking. #neonatal #medicine

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Vanisha Jul 22, 2020 428 views

What helps you remember most of the things you need to know while dong a surgery?

#surgery #medicine

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Dev Jul 17, 2020 1139 views

What are the job possibilities that one could get with a BS Biology degree with a minor in business?

I am currently an incoming freshman undergraduate student pursuing a biology degree from the honors program at my university. I am on plan to be a business minor along the way and I was wondering if I could combine both of those expertise for a job/business?


Vanisha’s Avatar
Vanisha Jul 22, 2020 577 views

Is it better to move for college or stay home?

#medicine #dorm

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Daniela Jul 22, 2020 490 views

What are some tips on choosing your medical profession?

#career #doctor #business

Daniela’s Avatar
Daniela Jul 22, 2020 475 views

After graduating, was it easy finding jobs in the medical profession?

#business #jobs

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Jul 17, 2020 571 views

In general, what is it like to be an anesthesiologist?

I’m curious about what being an anesthesiologist or assistant anesthesiologist is actually like. What does an average day look like? What is the most exciting part of the job? What is the hardest part of the job? How much time do you spend working with other people? What was the college...

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 16, 2020 419 views

Which accredited hospitals does the doctor use?

What is the relationship between a doctor and a hospital? Can they only work in one place? #medicine #hospital