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Laurie Martin

Director of Financial Reporting
Management Occupations - Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Fenton, Michigan
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Jessica Jul 24, 2020 3412 views

What does an accountant do on a typical day?

#business #accountant #accounting

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Lidibet Apr 27, 2020 1708 views

how many branches are there within the accounting career

I am interested in a finance career especially in accounting. But I wanted to know how long the career lasts and how easy it is to get a position in a company. #business #financial-accounting #accounting

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Arely Oct 07, 2019 6228 views

Which major is better? Math, Finance or Accounting?

I love numbers . I don't know if I should pursue a major in Math, Finance or Accounting. #accounting #finance #business #math #major

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David Apr 21, 2020 4649 views

How has COVID-19 impacted your career as an accountant?

#accountant #accounting #business #finance

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Jessica Jul 24, 2020 2393 views

What are the strengths of an accountant?


Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 24, 2020 2779 views

What skill does an accountant need?

#accounting #accountant

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Kate Sep 12, 2020 1227 views

How to do well in an internship for the offer to convert to a full-time role?


I'm a recent graduate that landed a 6 month trainee/internship programme with the possibility to convert to a full time role following it.

Do you have any tips on how I can stand out to make this possible?
#internships #internship #jobs

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Valerie Aug 30, 2018 1839 views

How extendable is the practice of Accounting in the real world, aside from bookkeeping?

Where else, aside from the big four or an accounting department can I work with a degree in Accounting #accountant #banker #cpa #business