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Wilintom’s Avatar
Wilintom Jul 14, 2021 512 views

How can I learn everything from an a computer career

I like a lot the computer and I want to learn more about it. #computer #computer-software

kaiden’s Avatar
kaiden Mar 18, 2021 1059 views

is being in a computer program hard

#programming #program #computer-programming

Derrick’s Avatar
Derrick Feb 25, 2021 593 views

what should i do if my dream job requires significant luck, should I pursue my dreams or should I play it safe

#first-job #job #salary

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Mar 03, 2021 636 views

I want some advice?

I am currently at the university in the career of Language Pedagogy. I like languages, but I'm not good at English, every semester I find it harder with my studies. I make an effort in studying pedagogy and learning English, but my academic performance in English subjects has low marks because...