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Jason Durst

Corporate Development & Strategy Director at Dell
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Austin, Texas
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Ryan Oct 25, 2016 784 views

What career choice is most broad when it comes to the amount of avenues possible to take?

I am interested in pursuing a career that I won't get bored with overtime... Something that I can potentially change and stay excited about. #business #healthcare

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 1491 views

What exactly is engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #engineering

Siddharth’s Avatar
Siddharth May 25, 2016 729 views

What is the best preparation for business?

I question the value of majoring in undergrad business when some people tell me that a strong foundation or work experience is more important. What is truly the best path to becoming a successful businessman or woman?

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Jul 09, 2016 1298 views

What strategies do you find useful which help with getting more work/tasks done, even when you lack motivation?

I am a high school student and with this approaching school year, I want to be diligent and perseveringly studious with my coursework. However, in the past, I have found it difficult to keep going or even start important tasks for which I lack the motivation to do. I was wondering what...

a’s Avatar
a Jul 08, 2016 2597 views

Would it be wise to take AP Calculus to pursue a career in Information Technology?

Hi, I just became a senior in high school and have plans to pursue a career in IT security. I have a choice to take AP Calculus this year. My other options are Business Math or Statistics. Would Calculus be a helpful course to prepare for an IT career? I know it is not a mandatory course to...

Cristian’s Avatar
Cristian May 23, 2016 1526 views

Do men get paid more in engineering than woman and if so, why is that?

Im a chemical engineering student in my senior year and my sister also wants to become an engineer so that she may have good paying job, but it requires a lot of sacrifice. Is it worth it for woman to become engineers even though they don't get paid as much as men? #college #engineering...

Madison’s Avatar
Madison May 17, 2016 815 views

What can I do now, as a high school senior, to help me get more involved in the engineering world?

I plan on majoring in mathematics next year, but I am very interested in engineering. The college I will be attending does not have a major in engineering, so I am curious to see if math can get me to engineering in graduate school. #engineering #mathematics #biomedical-engineering

Alon’s Avatar
Alon May 14, 2016 1291 views

What is the engineering field in the largest demand today?

Perspective Engineering student #engineering

Arshad’s Avatar
Arshad May 17, 2016 1160 views

Is it true that companies favor engineering degree holders with work experience over fresh graduates? What can I do to convince them if I don't have the work experience?

As a fresh graduate with a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, I have a tough time finding an entry level job. Most companies are looking for BE holders with at least 2-5 years of work experience in their respective fields. However as a fresh graduate I do not have much technical work...

Jon’s Avatar
Jon May 16, 2016 907 views

To what degree should I expect advanced calculus to be used in mechanical engineering positions? Along those lines, which engineering specialities are the most math intensive?

I am a USC music school alumni that is going back to USC for the Viterbi School of Engineering. I would like to work in the space industry, specifically on the manned mission to Mars. #engineering #mechanical

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary May 13, 2016 1559 views

What are the best schools for mechanical engineering?

I would like to be some sort of engineer after college, but I especially want to be a mechanical engineer. #engineering #engineer

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 1049 views

What does it take to succeed in engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career.