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Chandini R.’s Avatar
Chandini R. Jul 04 167 views

Can you pursue multiple careers?

I'm interested in a variety of potential occupations, but I'm not sure which one to pursue. career career-path career-choice...


DD M.’s Avatar
DD M. Jul 05 125 views

Who am I ?

I am almost clueless and 'goalless', if such a word even exists , and I am also not in a situation where I am accepting my wellwishers' good suggestions about my life . What can I even call myself and What would be the best to do - Continue thinking about why I am not able to identify myself...


Timothy M.’s Avatar
Timothy M. Jul 06 135 views

What’s the best way to identify what career you should do?

I’m independent and consider myself a bit of an overachiever or a successor as I have found ways to go around obstacles and complete task college...