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Sam Jul 10 226 views

Is it ok to reach out again about application?

I reached out to someone who worked at a company I applied to and they were kind enough to have a video meeting with me through LinkedIn and forward my name to the hiring manager. It was brief but I was thankful they took the time out and we talked a bit about the position and the company. The...

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Sam Jun 09 192 views

Do all companies have W2?

As I get my first official full time job one of the things that I had no clue how it works is W2 and I've been looking into it. From a simple search I found: In general, the W-2 must be used if the employer has employees and pays them a wage. I recently got an offer letter for full time and...

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Sam Jun 07 174 views

How to reach out to recruiter after you missed a call

I recently had an interview through message chatting with a company's interview manager. It went great and she said she would put in a good word with HR for me. HR called me after and because this company only has one location I was expecting a call from that area. (it slipped my mind that the...

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Sam May 31 247 views

What to do when you don't remember applying to a job?

I recently graduated and having been applying to multiple positions. The way I keep track of them is either through the Jobs tab on LinkedIn or the standard "thanks for applying" emails you receive after submitting an application. I was contacted for an interview for the company but: - I...

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Sam May 17 185 views

Is it ok to email a recruiter?

I was contacted by a recruiter for a position a year back and was not interested at the time, so I respectfully declined. I still have this recruiters email and wanted to ask them about another position at the same company that I have applied for currently since its been more than 2 weeks since...

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Sam May 13 218 views

How to ask a recruiter about multiple applications?

I recently applied to a company for 3 different positions. However all of these positions are UI/UX designer/researcher roles. They all had what I was looking for in a position so I applied to all 3. It hasn't been two weeks yet but I recently connected with a recruiter from the company on...

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Sam May 12 192 views

How do you reach out to someone within your network you're not that close with?

I recently applied for a job and noticed that someone within my LinkedIn network works for the company I applied to. This person and I were just classmates and maybe talked once or twice, I don't even think they remember. But, we are connected and I wanted to reach out about my application...

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Sam Apr 04 297 views

Can employers do this?

I recently applied for a job that required relocation. I was not willing to relocate and made that *very clear* in writing and during phone calls during the initial screening process. I was told this will not be a problem. Now after giving 4-5 interviews (one was really long) I'm being told the...

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Sam Mar 24 196 views

How do you know if you can discuss an offer letter with someone?

If you receive an offer letter how do you know if are you allowed to review it with someone? If I want to ask the recruiter if I could share it with just my mentor to get advice on the offer is this professional? How should I phrase the question when asking?

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Sam Mar 22 279 views

If you had to bring one item that describes your personality to an interview what would it be?

I was recently told that for an interview I'd have to bring something that describes my personality. I have some things in mind but am curious if anyone else had to do this for an interview. I don't think theres a right or wrong answer as to what you bring (at least not for my interview since...

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Sam Mar 03 733 views

What are some common interview questions for cyber security?

I'm a recent grad interviewing for a rotational program in cyber security. I'm completing a certificate in cyber security & digital forensics but so far that's the only exposure I have to cyber security. As of now I have very basic knowledge about the following topics: sensitive data...

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Sam Feb 17 315 views

Why can't recruiters give you feedback on why you were rejected?

I'm sure there have been times when someone applies to a job and gets rejected, but when they ask for feedback some recruiters say they can't provide it. For any recruiter on here, if you're able to share, why is this the case? Does this have something to do with company policy or is it just...

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Sam Dec 13, 2021 983 views

Is it ok to ask this question during a final interview?

After giving a final interview (final round) for a position, if the interviewer does not tell you "you can expect a response in X days", or whether or not you got the position is it ok to ask? If the interview is the hiring manager, how should you phrase it? #interviews #career...

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Sam Dec 05, 2021 452 views

How to ask about next steps after 2 weeks?

I recently applied for an intern position at a large company. 2 weeks ago I had an interview for this position. The "interviewer" was actually someone from their university relations team who used to be an intern but now works full time for the company. This person actually helps plan a lot of...

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Sam Dec 01, 2021 241 views

How long should you delay meeting with a recruiter that reached out to you?

A recruiter recently reached out to me about a possible position because someone from the company referred her to me. I never applied for this specific position, I'm actually waiting to hear back about another position I interviewed for at this same company. I also had someone on LinkedIn who...