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Sam S. Oct 04 81 views

Will employers always specify how long you need to work for before leaving?

When you get a job whether its an internship or a part-time/full time job, often times you may sign a contract stating how long you'll be working for the company, maybe how you can't work for their competitors after until a few months later, or how the project you worked on can't be talked...

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Sam S. Sep 29 71 views

How to follow up for a recommendation?

I recently reached out to one of the managers that I worked with during my internship. The field that she is in is what I want to transition into so I thought she'd be a great fit to write me a recommendation on LinkedIn to post on my profile. I reached out and she said yes and I told her the...

recommendation career

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Sam S. Sep 25 92 views

What's the best way to follow up for ghosted meetings?

I recently scheduled a meeting with my mentor for a mentorship program I got into. It was supposed to be the first introduction meeting just getting to know each other and they didn't show up. I waited about a half hour incase they were running late but they never came. I sent them an invite...

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Sam S. Sep 06 181 views

How do you know if you're asking for too much pay?

I'm about to graduate soon and am looking for full time offers. During interviews I've been asked is X amount of pay ok for you? So far I've said yes because I just wanted to get experience no matter the pay. Now that I have 1-2 things for experience on my resume I want to ask for more. I've...

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Sam S. Aug 19 200 views

What is the best way to reach out to a recruiter?

There is this rotational program that one of the companys I would like to work for offers. They accept 3 different applicants into the program: developers, data scientists, and designers. I want to apply for the designer position however at this time they are currently only looking for...

technology computerscience internship

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Sam S. Aug 05 138 views

What are the types of jobs available in cyber security/what are your daily tasks?

There are different types of jobs available in cyber security ranging from penetration tester to cyber security analysts. If you hold any of type of position in cyber security, what are some projects/daily tasks you have? What do you find interesting about them and why? information-technology...

technology computer-science cyber-security

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Sam S. Jul 20 165 views

What is the best way to ask for feedback as an intern?

For my internship I'm working on a project with another intern. Both of our managers are keeping the requirements vague and said they don't want to give too much guidance to see what we can come up with. I totally understand this and like the fact that it's more of a "lets see what you can do"...

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Sam S. Jul 20 163 views

What types of projects do UI/UX recruiters look for?

I'm trying to build my UI/UX portfolio and although I don't have access to Adobe products at the moment, I'm trying to use other platforms available to build my portfolio in the mean time. I recently learned how to use Figma but I'm not sure what I can make. My first thought is would a...

ui college computerscience ux technology career

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Sam S. Jul 19 199 views

Is it possible to get a UI/UX job with a IST degree?

My major is IST and the classes I've taken are mostly web development/network architectures based. I've learned things like HTML, CSS, JS, C#, ASP.NET but nothing really design based. Would it still be possible to get a UI/UX designer based job even if I don't know things like how to use all...

design technology computer-science career

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Sam S. Jul 19 475 views

What do UX/UI designers major in and what are some daily tasks you do on the job?

I'm an IST major going into my last semester. Most of the classes I've had for my major have been web development/network architectures related. I think this is main reason why I started liking front end, but recently I've really wanted to learn more about UX/UI design. I've always had a strong...

ui design computerscience art college-major ux

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Sam S. Jun 29 214 views

Which one: Web Development, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, IT Consulting?

I've looked into these 4 fields/jobs, read about and watched videos on them and even took a course or two on some (basic intro level courses). They all seem very interesting. Currently I'm working in the web development field and I like it but also want to try the others as well. I think this...

digitalforensics consulting technology stem cybersecurity computer-science

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Sam S. Jun 24 157 views

Do you feel like 4 years of college taught you enough?

So far with the jobs/internships I've had related to IST/computer science , I've noticed that obviously the things I learn in class are applied, but I also feel like theres so much I don't know. I know this is common because theres no way you can learn everything, it takes time/practice....

internship job computer-science

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Sam S. Jun 23 156 views

Is ASP.NET not used as much anymore for web development?

I recently took a course that was required for Information Science & Technology majors. I learned about ASP.NET and how it's widely used in web development. However, most of the web development jobs that I have seen posted online seem to use client side frameworks more. Is this because...

technology software computer-science

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Sam S. Jun 22 135 views

How to say you're stuck? - Project Updates

I was recently given some work to do to present the next day and was told see what you can do. The problem is I tried to solve the problems for the project but I wasn't able to. I spent time researching the issue and had a question come up too which I asked my manager about. When checking in...

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