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jessica’s Avatar
jessica Jun 30, 2021 428 views

what are the requirements for becoming a #dermatologist? and how many years of schooling is required?

im into #skincare and #beauty but im not sure what career i want to fall into

Yamilca’s Avatar
Yamilca Jun 30, 2021 911 views

How can I become a civil engineer?

I am in high school just passed to 10th grade. I love science and math. #engineer #civil-engineering

Sakinah’s Avatar
Sakinah Jun 29, 2021 497 views

How can I find a career that suits my artistic skills?

#career #art #artist

Lavonne’s Avatar
Lavonne Jun 28, 2021 474 views

Which major has more people? fine arts or criminal justice?

#college-advice I am conflicted about the major that I want to do. It's between Fine Arts and Criminal Justice #criminal-justice #art #major

Mrunal’s Avatar
Mrunal Jun 30, 2021 570 views

I am 16 year old and have no idea what to do in college. is choosing psychology a good option?

I love reading books, designing, and helping people. I have a dream of becoming a therapist but my mom is sort of against it. I am super confused as to what to choose so that I'll be happy and can provide income to myself and my family. #psychology #college #career