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Capital Introduction
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kenneth W. Jul 27 144 views

would getting 2 part time jobs would be a ood investment

i am currently trying out the best why to getting enough money to buy an apartment but im a big spender money financial-planning...


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Saul C. Aug 18 177 views

What advice would we use for new people who would like to be like you?

What advice will be useful to start our career, how to deal with people, give good impressions, etc. animation career personal-development art job...


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Dristi M. Aug 18 114 views

What kind of internships can I get as a senior high-schooler that could look good in my college application?

I'm a high school student from Nepal. It was a year ago when I thought of studying abroads and came to discover that an internship might as well be a standing point in my whole college application. I would love to get an internship related with public health, gender equality. publichealth...

genderequality college

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Sam S. Aug 19 219 views

What is the best way to reach out to a recruiter?

There is this rotational program that one of the companys I would like to work for offers. They accept 3 different applicants into the program: developers, data scientists, and designers. I want to apply for the designer position however at this time they are currently only looking for...

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