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Srushti Mar 15, 2017 1074 views

Is it advisable to intern as a first-year college student?

I am applying to intern as I want to get more knowledge on the industry and have first-hand experience. However most internships are targeted at Students who are due to graduate in a year as they have more knowledge compared to first year students. Should I bother, or should I just wait until...

Jess’s Avatar
Jess Apr 02, 2017 960 views

Is it wise to study for a Masters when most of the jobs you are looking for requires only a Degree? How much more powerful is a Masters compared to a Degree?

I'm someone who is focused on lifelong learning, and I would prefer to stick to learning more about the world around me, rather than starting work so early and simply watch the money come in. Most adults tell me that once you see those digits in your banks account go up, very few would want to...

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Anna Feb 03, 2022 210 views

What helped you prepare for the career you are in?

#career #career-choice

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Daniel Feb 07, 2022 225 views

Is there a good way for a teenager to learn about financing?

I am a high school student trying to get good advice for my future career. I am mostly debating between computer science and financing. It seems that computer science is something that is easier for me to get into at a young age. I want to know about some ways I can prepare for that career...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Nov 03, 2017 648 views

how can i become a humanitarian?

what steps should i take to have the biggest impact as possible?
#humanitarian-relief #non-profit #charity

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Lanayjah Jun 02, 2021 228 views

What kind of clients are the most difficult to work with for social workers and how do they cope with their attitudes

#social-worker #Family and child science

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Sam Dec 13, 2021 1179 views

Is it ok to ask this question during a final interview?

After giving a final interview (final round) for a position, if the interviewer does not tell you "you can expect a response in X days", or whether or not you got the position is it ok to ask? If the interview is the hiring manager, how should you phrase it? #interviews #career...