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Daniel Wade

Welder/Small Engine Repair
Construction and Extraction Occupations - Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations
Sacramento, California
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Chase’s Avatar
Chase Dec 12, 2019 1321 views

What’s the hardest part about being a pipeline welder

I would like to be a welder after I get out of high school, I would like to be a pipeline welder.#welder

frank’s Avatar
frank Nov 05, 2019 509 views

what are comman mistake that you see young student welder make that I should try to avoid.

looking to get more info about my carrier choice #welder

keiver’s Avatar
keiver Sep 26, 2022 417 views

What are the requirements for a welding job?

I'd like to learn more about starting a career in welding.

walker’s Avatar
walker Sep 13, 2022 651 views

where can i get a welding job out of high school?

Where can I get a welding job out of high school.

Alexzander’s Avatar
Alexzander Aug 29, 2022 584 views

How does one start as a traveling welder ?

Would be glad to receive any tips.

stevee’s Avatar
stevee Aug 17, 2022 522 views

can you do welding for the military

i want to go to the navy and do underwater welding for them or any type of welding. Also would i have to have more and a certificate in the industry such as a degree.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Aug 29, 2022 462 views

What certifications are worth getting and what certifications aren't worth the time


Jackson’s Avatar
Jackson Aug 26, 2022 389 views

Welding Certification

How long does it take to get a welding certification. Does it make you more money having one?

jonathan’s Avatar
jonathan Mar 02, 2022 623 views

What is hard about welding

I want to know what is hard about welding because I'm getting in to welding #welding

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus Apr 28, 2022 431 views

What prior experiences are helpful going into welding?

To clarify my question a bit more, I mean what kinds of skills or knowledge that can be gained from other experiences, such as extra-curriculum classes or anything learned in or out of school, could help when learning about welding.

Yash’s Avatar
Yash Nov 09, 2020 965 views

How do I stay motivated and go to work with the right attitude and mindset?

#work #mindset #motivation #right attitude

Marcus’s Avatar
Marcus May 03, 2022 399 views

Can welding be a fun hobby as well as a career?

When getting into welding do I have to think of it strictly seriously and as a career that I'm single mindedly pursuing, or is it fine to also think of it as a fun hobby?