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Yew Kin Aug 06, 2020 2517 views

How to engage in a conversation with a recipient that only gives one-word answers?

I would break the ice when starting conversations with new connections by asking "How have they been coping during the COVID 19 situation?" etc. Many gave me generic answers like, "I'm good, how are you?" (Seems like I'm the only one invested in the conversation) I find it much easier to...

Mahir’s Avatar
Mahir Jun 01, 2022 648 views

Getting into my Dream College

Is there even a chance for me to get into Colombia university with a major in Computer Science as an 11th grade? Is there any way too boost my chances or make myself stand out besides SAT and GPA? Any advice?

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Apr 28, 2022 636 views

What kind of companies would hire a computer programmer?

Where would a computer programmer get hired and what skills would they be looking for?

Isaiah’s Avatar
Isaiah Apr 29, 2022 688 views

What Does it take to become a Professional in Barbering.

Cutting hair has always been a goal to achieve. I remember visiting the barber for a haircut and I would want to have a specific design or view on my hair and the barber would be able to create my image to be sharp, so I wonder what are the steps to have customers changing their hair constantly

Mei Lin’s Avatar
Mei Lin Jul 14, 2022 598 views

What is the best way to network in consulting?

Is it best to set up a zoom or meet for coffee? Do most consultants respond to cold emails or should I try to connect with them on LinkedIn?