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Jason Qi

Security Engineer Intern
Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Jenny Apr 04, 2022 634 views

What is the best way of gaining experience in the field of computer science?

I am currently in a computer science class, and I want to know how I could dive in deeper into computer science, as well as how I could gain more experience doing computer science.

William’s Avatar
William Aug 31, 2017 793 views

What specific jobs are available for those who are interested in computer science and math?

These are topics I would strongly consider majoring in #math #computer-science

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Jul 28, 2022 1694 views

Does working in Cyber Security give you more or less time for your life

Hello my name is Daniel I am a current Cyber Security prospect and would like to know if and how working in Cyber Security has affected your time work-wise and socially. (e.g: work hours/free time)

Any information helps, Thank you for your time.

Adilene Jezabel’s Avatar
Adilene Jezabel Oct 24, 2016 1321 views

If you have a degree in Computer Science, what kind of jobs will you be able to get?

Will you be able to travel across the country? I have only seen a couple of movies where a person works with computer science but to be completely honest I don't know that they do, it seems as hacking is the only excitement that they get? What are the fun aspects of this major and what is the...

David’s Avatar
David Apr 05, 2022 469 views

What is the hardest thing about computer science and who can I do to overcome those things?

What is the most challenging thing about computer science and what should I do to overcome those things.