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San Francisco, California
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I'd like to pursue an artistic career field that will help me to cultivate savvy, mechanical skills and individual creativity. From animation, graphics design, to video-editing; I believe these types of jobs will help me to develop these skills.



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Edwin Nov 01, 2022 390 views

Inquiries on Animation-related job?

How can I ensure that I am compensated fairly for my work, as someone who's looking to be an up and coming animator? Unionization, contract stipulations, etc. are all factors which I've considered, but I'm unsure as to which agencies I can network with to secure amicable working conditions.

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Edwin Sep 27, 2022 404 views

What should I do, if I were to deviate from my original career choices?

For instance, if there were a particular field of work that I no longer felt invested in making furtherance upon, this is prime time for the person to do a bit of soul-searching in order to figure out what is the most appropriate medium for their professional livelihoods. I'd like inquire what...